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Your Practice Will Take Off With  Producer Group Power!

Give your practice a boost! Join Professional Investors Network, a top independent Producer Group with Securities America, and benefit from the strength of a collective voice, camaraderie with like-minded advisors, and greater efficiencies in operations and compliance. All with no loss of payout and often improved compensation!

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Services & Standards

You benefit by enlarging your footprint, gaining access to expert practice consulting and a crack team of back-office and compliance personnel.

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Producer Group Power

Be seen. Be heard. Be powerful. Be protected.  Back your business with Big Group production!

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Transition Go to Throttle-Up

Transition your practice at warp speed with our expert crew and proven flight plan.

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Representative Housing

Looking for an office to run your practice from?  Our Elite Advisor Unit has offices and staff available in Glastonbury, CT for representatives looking to maximize their focus on clients. 

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The Young Guns Network: 

Turning Young Advisors Into Champions Since 2018.

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