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Transformational Technology

You benefit from our technology research and due diligence. We interviewed a dozen independent firms in 2017 before selecting Securities America, a leader in integrating technology platforms for its advisors. We and hundreds of other advisors believe Securities America is committed to delivering integrated data transfer between programs. This means that once your client data is captured electronically in one system, it is transferable to other supported systems. No more double, triple or quadruple entry to get your practice running smoothly. 

Additionally, every month more and more fund groups, VA companies and other vendors enable integration with Securities America's technology platforms for electronic submission and signatures of business. More integration means better efficiencies for you and your staff, putting more productive hours with clients and prospects back in your day.

Positioned for Transition

Moving your practice can be a great opportunity to gain efficiency by bringing your office up to speed when it comes to T+1 readiness, technology and contact management. By capturing your business electronically during the transition, you can immediately make the most of time-saving technologies from Professional Investors Network and our independent advisory and brokerage firm, Securities America. Our experienced support staff and the tech team at Securities America guide you from paper-dependent to paper-free with guides, training and best practices for operating a 21st century practice.

Training & Support

Proficiency with technology gives you and your staff more time to spend serving clients and attracting new clients. 

Professional Investors Network captures your business, advisor files, correspondence and more in a system that meets SEC requirements. We incorporate Redtail Imaging into our processes, so your client information is at our fingertips.

Easily access training and certifications for you and your staff. Our in-house technology center is fully equipped with computers and internet access for training on systems such as Securities America's systems, Albridge Solutions, Net Exchange Pro, Redtail CRM and more.