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Your Effective Flight Plan & Crew

Hit cruising altitude even faster when you have a powerful plan and experienced crew on board. As a financial advisor, you have a core job to do: provide advice to help clients meet their financial goals. Just leave the heavy lifting to the Captain & Crew, so you can spend much more time focusing on clients.

As a producer group and Office of Supervisory Jurisdiction, the crew at Professional Investors Network considers our job to be supporting you in your job. That means dealing with anything that takes your time away from serving your clients, from compliance to technology to operations.

Led by our fearless captain, Bill Brice, we bravely forge into the compliance, technology and operations challenges of the financial universe, blazing a smooth path for your practice to cruise to new heights.

Explore this site to learn more about our Producer Group Power and Transition Hyperdrive. If you're looking to boost your business, we can help you focus on those activities that get your core job done.