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The Young Guns Program

The Young Guns Network: Turning Young Advisors Into Champions Since 2018.

You're early in your career and you see all these producers around you making bank and you're wondering to yourself, "How can these folks be making all this cash and living the life and I'm half starving to death?"  Well wonder no more!  The answer is, they busted their arses when they were your age! 

Yep - sorry Newbie - it's a long game and there's no easy answer.

BUT!  There are some things you can do to shorten the process of becoming a full-on CHAMP in the financial services business and we can coach you up quickly.

1. Focus every single day on activity.  Four to five appointments a day, five days a week. Three new people you've never been in front of before, one or two follow up appointments.  Your primary job early in your career is finding lots and lots and lots of new people and making them aware of what it is you do and how you can help them.  80% of your time should be spent on this.  Everything else comes second.  Only 20% of your time should be spent on "other than meeting with or finding new prospects.

2. Network with other Advisors around your age.  Regularly.  They're facing the same challenges you are and having a network of peers you can grow with is key.  You want to constantly check in with them and learn about what they're doing.  Group-think with your peers can shorten the process.  We have all our Advisors in the Young Guns group meet once a month in person and once a week on conference calls to do nothing but work on getting your business off the ground.  Great prospecting ideas, practice management tools, coaches, mentors, vendors, attorney and accountant presentations and industry experts weigh in with our meetings to pack as much information in your head over time as possible.  As a Producer Group we are uniquely focused on bringing reps under 40 up to speed.

3. Specialize.  Pick a lane and run with it.  Build expertise in a certain flavor of financial services.  Are you going to be a 401k-master?  An Estate Planning Genius?  A stock trader?  A comprehensive financial planner?  A college planning whiz-kid?  Whatever floats your boat is where you should focus your efforts.  The tendency for young advisors is to take any client they can get, but this diffuses your focus and you lose the opportunity to become known in your community as "The Guy" (or Gal) that everyone goes to for X.

And how do you specialize?  We have a saying around here; "Niches create Riches".  Discover who you want to be in business and write a business plan to get there. Go to  Set up an account, (it's free), work on a business plan that gets you pumped, then set up an appointment with your local SBA office to review what it is you're thinking of doing.  A good business plan will take several months to prepare.  Then bounce it off peers, managers, team members, the SBA, your spouse or whomever will listen.  Get feedback, adjust, refine, then execute.  Remember - Advisors are in business.  You need a business plan you can follow.

4. Practice.  Once you have a pathway outlined, (in your written, peer and manager reviewed business plan of course), you need to have a presentation track to take all your prospects down.  You want to deliver the same experience, over and over again to the right, qualified prospects for your business.  And that's going to take some practice.  We can get you tuned up 

5. Execute.  Now that you're focused in a niche, now that you have a written, well thought out business plan, now that you're well pand if you're part of our network of Young Guns Advisors with peers that can call you out and hold you accountable, you're well on your way to making it happen.

If your struggling.  If your manager is a jerk.  If the company you work for is breaking your chops and/or ripping you off, If you don't know exactly where you're heading and you want to grow in your career with other folks your age collaboratively, the Young Guns Network is your answer.  In just two years we've taken many young Advisors from zeros to heroes. 

$35k to $600k? 

$140k to $650k? 

$0k to 74k? 

$0k to $170k?

$45k to $445k?

$0k to 380K?

And lots more...

If you're next, call this number: 866-429-4013, x112.